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The journey began when Some friends, each with different skill sets and unique visions, we're talking discussing their passion. Shared their viewpoints and we're searching for a platform to bask in their spotlight. They came up with the idea of making their platform where they can ignore their individuality and share the spotlight as equals. And so, the idea of sigma 43 came into existence. On the journey, they met different individuals with different passions but for the same problems. They were all in a hunt for their spotlight. And the idea of this evolved to merge all these different wavelengths at one point. The first phase of the website was sigma 43, and we aim to go further and beyond. This is the vision envisioned by the sigma corps. And we are bringing it to existence.

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Fotty Third
Founder & CEO

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Co-Founder &



Gaurav Chauhan
Gaming 43

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editor at gaming 43

Tech 43

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lovepreet safal 43

Mr. Singh
Safal 43

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No big thing was ever made in a single night or by one person alone. We're looking at a bigger picture, and this is just one stroke of the brush. You want to share, we have a platform. If you have the dedication to be a blogger, sources for readers. We're your best bet. So, come join hands with us. And become a part of the big picture. Become a unit of Sigma 43

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