How To Create Website In 10 Step 2020

How To Create Website In 10 Step 2020

How To Create a Website In 10 Step

Creating a Website is Now easier in 2020. There is Alots of tools is available on the Internet like, Jomela,

In This Blog Post I’m Going To give You 10 Step to Make Website.

  1. First You Have to Decide Your Niche, What I mean You have to KNOW which Type Of Website You wanna Built.
  2. When You Decided Your Niche then You Have To buy Domain name please note that domain name you choose should be related to your niche.
  3. I recommended you please try free hosting in starting and setup the WordPress theme.
  4. When You Setup WordPress choose WordPress Theam. I recommended the You Try WPocean theme.
  5. After WordPress Theme Install Some plugin like Elementor, Yoast, Contact Form 7, etc.
  6. Try To Write SEO friendly Content.
  7. Use Backlinks
  8. Share Your Post on Social Media.
  9. Write 5-10 post in a month.
  10. After few Posts You are eligible for adds.

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